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Thread: Honda Odyssey best buy in india

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    Honda Odyssey best buy in india


    I have a big family and so planning for a minivan due to which willing to go for Honda Odyssey. Since Honda Odyssey is quite expensive I would like to have more precise details on it to have an idea whether it is a best buy for Indian road. So desperately looking for good suggestion hope you can help me.

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    Honda Odyssey best buy in india

    North America’s Honda company has introduced this higher capacity and powerful minivan Odyssey for multiple purposes to higher customer demand. Looking into the features of seven to six seater capacity Odyssey it could be stated as the best made car for Indian roads. For Honda Odyssey not only provides greater comfort with equip of powerful suspension and large wheel but also enables the car to move at top speed level. Its 3.5-liter V-6, cylinder deactivation technology engine empowers the car to drive at 244 horsepower speed. Quite fuel efficient as Honda Odyssey provides impressive 17 mpg in city whereas 25 mpg on the highway.

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    I never expected this seven to six seater capacity Honda Odyssey will be a pride piece for stylish Hollywood actor George Clooney of whom I imagine of sporting Mercedes Benz. But what is so exclusive about this star to sport Honda Oyssey car for an ad makes me…curious may be he is planning for extending his family. But that’s silly I know ..there is more reason why this North America’s Honda Odyssey has earned star response cause this powerful minivan is inbuilt with strong suspension system to avert greater shock impact of unconditioned roads to enable higher comfort experience while traveling on it.

    Speed wise excellent which I should state about this powerful engine 3.5-liter V-6, cylinder deactivation technology equipped car Odyssey that delivers 244 horsepower speed. Mileage wise not disappointing as this top speed level car delivers on highway 25 mpg whereas 17 mpg in city. This eco friendly car which has large wide wheels to trade on challenging roads has higher capacity to withstand collision impact as it has the four-star rollover that is designed according to the methodology of NHTSA's testing which rating is higher than any other vehicles.

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