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Thread: How to choose 4BHK Flat in Kolkata

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    How to choose 4BHK Flat in Kolkata

    I have a need of a house but building concept makes me very confused. What to do now as I am in a need of a flat that is of 4 BHK. Mainly I fear of being clevered by the shrewd real estate brokers. Now at this point of situation can you tell me how to choose 4 Bhk Flat in Kolkata?

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    choose 4Bhk flat in Kolkata

    This is a phase which puts many into anxiety to know whether they are making a better deal for a home. In a place like Kolkata the legality of land matters most. There are many constructors who had built flats on illegal land and later had to evacuate it. Mainly the residents are put into pathetic position. Next what is important is the floor design and strength of the building foundation to resist from tremors as well as other calamities. For there are many cases of calamities due to weak infrastructure. Larica Estates Ltd. A well known builder has erected a 4 BHK flat in South Kolkata at Pailan area.

    Larica's Pailan project the Green Hamlet is a huge project that is set in a 50 Bighas area. This huge area was selected to implement spacious infrastructures like villas and row houses in an international standard with attached gardens and luxurious features. Here they have spacious apartment of three bedrooms of about 1059 square feet.

    There is availability of 4 BHK house of price ranging from Rs. 53 to 64 Lacs. It will be extremely a spacious 4 BHK house of 1944 to 2438 square feet. In locality like Pailan where you are having a luxuriously set spacious house of 1944 to 2438 square feet is not only a good opportunity but you get added advantages of clubbed facilities like gym, sauna bath, swimming pool, clubs, guest house, restaurant, cafeteria, mini theatre and indoor games in the same arena.

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    Yeah, I Agree with raultheking into anxiety real estate brokers are making a better deal for a home. You should be well prepared for such property.

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