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Thread: Demak Cougar vs Demak DMX-R: which is the best bike?

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    Demak Cougar vs Demak DMX-R: which is the best bike?

    I have all set to buy a bike; I was first fixed with Demak Cougar but after I told my decision to my friends everyone started bugging me to go for Demak DMX-R, I have no idea about this Demak DMX-R, and they tell me this bike is best with its looks and features, I have stuck in a dilemma now, I would like to know which is the best bike from Demak Cougar and Demak DMX-R?

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    It happens when comes in choosing the best bike in the list, according to me Demak Cougar 250 is the best bike than Demak DMX-R. Demak Cougar 250 is an electric bike, whereas Demak DMX R comes with a kick start. Demak Cougar 250 is the most appealing and a stylish bike which comes with cutting-edge additional designing features, that gives the bike funky and a true glamorous looks. This Demak Cougar 250 is packed with all attractive features such as fuel gauge, trip meter, tachometer, tubeless tires, clip on bars and electric start. This is costlier than Demak DMX-R, demak cougar is available at Rs. 1, 00, 000 and Demak DMX R is available at Rs. 60, 000/-

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    Comparatively speaking Demak Dmx R is more sensible from price wise as it worth only Rs. 60000 where Demak Cougar is Rs. 1 Lacs. But Demak Cougar has more powerful engine that is of four Strokes, Double Cylinders, Air-Cooled engine for greater speed acceleration whereas Demak Dmx R is of single cylinder, air cooled, 4 strokes engine.

    In Demak Cougar you can cruise at 19BHP while in Demak Dmx R you get performance speed of 14BHP. Fuel efficient bike Demak Dmx R delivers mileage of 50 kmpl while Demak Cougar give 40 kmpl only. Both the bikes have the same brake system but that Demak Cougar is enhanced with Front Double Disc brake system that is not found in Demak DmxR.

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