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Thread: How Much Does Root Canal And Crown Cost

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    How Much Does Root Canal And Crown Cost

    I have severe Toothache, I think I need to go in for Root canal /crowning surgery, may I know the approximate cost for this treatment??

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    Cost for tooth surgery depends on Hospital, if it is well equipped and renowned organization they will charge more and if it the organization has moderate environment with aged equipments they will charge less.

    The approximate charge for Root canal - Rs. 5000/-
    The approximate charge for Metalic crown Rs. 3000/-
    The approximate charge for Golden crown Rs. 4000/-

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    Known to my knowledge these are the fees charged for root canal & crowning :-
    Root Canal Rs. 2000/-
    Metal Crowns- Rs. 1500/- Per Crown
    Porcelain Fused to Metal - Rs. 3000/- Per Crown
    Metal Free Crown - Rs. 12000/- Per Crown

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