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Thread: Mysore dassahra special trains schedule 2012

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    Mysore dassahra special trains schedule 2012

    Hi all……..

    As you all know that dassahra is nearing, I am planning to got to Mysore to celebrate this festival with my relatives, one of my friends told that there are special trains to mysore due to Diwali and dassahra, I would like to know the special train schedule, so can anyone please tell me the mysore dassahra special trains schedule 2012?

    Thank you!!!!!!

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    During these festival times, it is expected that many people from different states travel to their native to celebrate the festival, so in order to clear the rush the southern western railway has decided to run special express trains to Mysore…..

    Here I would like to provide the train schedule of mysore special trains, please take a look at it;

    Train from Bangalore to Mysore

    Train number Train name Departure

    06222, Mysore daily express , 12-05

    Train from Mysore to Bangalore

    Train number Train name Departure Arrival

    06221, Bangalore daily express , 8-00, 11-15

    These special trains are from October 1st – November 30th

    Hope it helped!!!!!!

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