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Thread: bandhavgarh national park best time to visit

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    bandhavgarh national park best time to visit

    Can any one tell which is the best time to visit bandhavgarh national park. kindly guide me please because i am taking my children also to visit national park

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    Bandhavgarh is in madhya pradesh state
    Every year bandhavgarh national park is open for visitors from 15 th October to till 30 th June As per the climate of Central part of India, the peak season for Bandhavgarh National Park is during winters which is October to March. Most of the tourists visit the park between November and March, mainly because the summer's heat is unbearable. The period between November and February is excellent for visiting Bandhavgarh national park as the rain fall during monsoon rejuvenated all the nature & vegetation. During the time period from March to May most of the vegetation at Bandhavgarh National Park gets dried & Tiger Sighting is relatively easier than it is in winters.

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    I really wish i has seen this thread earlier, we had been to this place in the month of August and it was so hot. and all my family got sun burned and our became so dark. My suggestion to who ever is going to this place is to visit from 15 th October to till 30th June, many have told that best time to visit is from 15 th October to till 30th June.

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    Hi Friends,
    Bandhavgarh National Park is remains open for visitors from 15th October to 30th June every year. During summers and rainy season, the park will be closed due to excess heat during summer. Visiting the park after Rainy season will be a visual treat. We can find greenery everywhere inside the park. You will get a fresh look of the nature. Moreover, visitors won’t get tired if they visit the park during such pleasant climate. The temperature during this season will remain below 30 degree Celsius. February – March is the best season if you want to visit water sources, birds, etc… because the climate will be pleasurable and the flowers will be blooming. This will attract many birds here. This time span will really be photogenic.

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