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Thread: Changing information in my driving license

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    Changing information in my driving license

    Hey Guys!!

    I want to change house address in my driving license, what I have supposed to do can any help me please..

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    Hey I think you have to consult your nearest Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) immediately of any changes to your name, address.

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    Hey ruchi...

    Getting a driving license itself is very hard...... but you wanted to change some information in the driving license. Itís not as easy as you think, there are lot of stuffs involved in it; let me just tell you the process in brief, please have a look at it;

    The first and the important thing to be considered is that, find out what changes have to be made in your driving license. If you wanted to change the address you can do it online. If you wanted to change the personal information such as name, DOB, etc... You have to bring your current driving license original documents.

    I think you no need to pay anything for changing the information in the driving license.

    Hope it helped!!

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    Hello ruchi,

    There is no risk in changing the information like name address etc....in your enhanced driving license. You can change the address name etc...At any of the service Ontario center which offers the improved driverís license services. I think they will know better and will help you in the procedure for changing the address in your driving license. Or else you can better follow the instructions of D kumar. It will be really helpful.

    I think other than this there is no other better way.........

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