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Thread: How to control mother in law

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    How to control mother in law

    Hi all……..
    My sister’s mother in law is a very problematic to her and often she use to complaint about my sister to her husband and create unnecessary problems between them, because of this, there is no proper communication between them, and this created a big gap between them. She is not at all happy with her marital life because of her mother-in-law, so can anyone please give some tips to control mother-in-law? Please do reply as soon as possible

    Thank you!!!!!!

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    This is the more common problem in our country I heard many of them complaining much about their mother in law, only few of them will say that their mother in law is a nice person……………

    First of all it is very important for to take care of one’s husband and child, do not matter what others say about you. Difficult mother-in-laws always will put their daughter-in-laws down, so it is better to stay away from these kinds of people………….

    It is not an easy task to control mother-in-laws instead ask your sister to go according to what she says that is the best way to build a healthy relationship with her
    Ask your sister to adjust with her and accept whatever she says
    Tell your sister not to fight with her. Instead ask her to change according to their wishes this will make her mother-in-law think that how important she is in her life

    If she considers all these things and follow it, I say that she will be very happy in her marital life………

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    Hey gayathri,

    This is one of the most common problems, especially in India; hardly 20% of people do not complaint about their mother in law. But the rest i.e. 80% of them will have problem with their mother-in-law. Because the mothers want their son’s to be with them for lifetime. If this is the case, there is no use in fighting with them, but rather ask your sister to adjust with her. Because, patience is very important, if she lacks that then the problem is only for her. You had also mentioned that your sister’s in-law’s tell something bad about her; in that case what should be done is, tell your sister to keep her husband informed prior about their mom and sister; so that, when they tell something wrong about her he may be alert. Please ask her to try this.

    Hope it helped!!

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