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Thread: So how does indian cheaters find each other?

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    So how does indian cheaters find each other?

    I am just curious how do indian men and women that wants to cheat or have an extra marital affair goes by it? I mean, it seems impossible online... Does that happens only when they meet in person? Whats your take on that?

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    They get into such activities by both online and offline. If you ask me how, yup! Here is the answer.

    Offline Affair – it’s very common which both men and women get attracted towards each other’s looks and fall in love as well they tend to create new relationship even after their first marriage. This is actually Lust! And this is mostly followed by Lower lower class people & Upper Upper class people.

    Online Affair – they just begin with friendly chat on social networking sites and that will extend to hangouts/dates and finally liv in marriage... This is followed by group of people who belongs to rogue category.

    Ridiculous state of affairs! People who follow this process of wedding are the victims of divorcees in India…..

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    Rightly Said Shailesh!
    This is how both men and women intend to have subsequent relationships in offline & online. None of them succeed by having these kinds of deceived affairs; instead they allowed more nuisances to their life.

    Nuisance and irritations includes stuffs like: - Battle, Stress, Quarrel, Disrespect, Bad Impact, Poor Family Condition & No Liberty.

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