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Thread: what's torque?

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    what's torque?

    In a vehicle I have heard about horsepower but what is this torque power has to do? This new technology in vehicle is to indicate ..what by torque introduce? I am quite confused…please help me to give a clear picture what torque has to do in a vehicle engine.

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    Torque meaning

    The scientific term of ‘torque’ is to mean measure of force that is working on an object to bring it to a motion level.
    In any vehicle an engine’s output is estimated on horsepower and torque.

    The horsepower of a vehicle is to indicate the motion peek whereas torque is to indicate pulling power. The twisting motion power formed by rotating parts in an engine is to indicate toque.

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    I don’t see much difference between horsepower and torque in a vehicle engine. What I feel horsepower and torque works clubbing to generate power in the vehicle to bring it to motion. Usually a vehicle requires torque power to enable the car to move faster even when it is loaded. So horsepower is calculated upon torque speed scale level or say from torque measurement the horsepower is estimated. A vehicle enabled with high-torque helps the car to maintain its speed level even when extremely loaded…won’t be wrong to put across.

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