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Thread: how does a car engine work?

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    how does a car engine work?

    It makes me curious why so many parts assembled under car bonnet. What I need to do is to insert the key in a hole of a car and turn to make it start vroom. Next press the accelerator to race the car but… how does actually a car engine work? Any idea on it?

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    car engine work process

    You must be wondering why there are so many parts assembled in a car under the hood but the fact is that all has part to take to direct the car in the way you want. It is the fuel that makes the engine run. Do not get perplexed by so many tubes, metal parts and wires just check for the engine. You will see a pipe fitted to it. When you give start the petrol flows into the engine to get converted into energy or motion that ultimately makes a car to move. The petrol flows inside the engine and gets burned up to help convert it into energy that makes the metal body to move.

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    car engine function

    No wonder it is a magic how a immobile car suddenly takes to a motion. But the technical reason is that when you give start to the car with your keys pressed into it, automatically instruction flows to the car battery to regulate power into the starter motor.

    This action hereby brings motion to the crankshaft at which turn the pistons function. The fan movement also plays a major role as it helps to send air through an air filter when ignition in the engine occurs due to crankshaft motion.

    Once the dust free air regulated by the fan through the air filter enters the fuel chamber of the engine then the mixture (air & fuel)creates vaporized gas. This gas is secured in the chamber to pass it as the pedal accelerator is pressed for racing.

    It is when the throttle valve opens by camshaft regulation then the vaporized gas is distributed through an intake manifold. During the process when the cylinders receives the vaporized gas through intake valves then sparks through spark plugs is emitted by the distributor.

    This in the process burns the fuel-air mix causing it to explode forcefully to enable the piston to move down. The fuel-air mix is compressed when piston starts to move upward which in turn creates more fuel explosion in a greater force. Later when all the pistons starts to regulate in up and down positions then it generates power to the wheels through the rotation of the crankshaft which generates power to the transmission.

    It is depending on numbers of cylinders equipped in a car more speed could be expected as by harder accelerator press more fuel-air mix is injected into the cylinders to generate more power.

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    If you are looking for how engine in car works then you should know that it is at key start ignition in the batery which later enables the oil to flow for vaporized gas energy transformation, generating the power to the wheels to make the car to move.

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