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Thread: Heritage buildings in Mysore

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    Heritage buildings in Mysore

    Hi guys, we will be visiting Mysore this weekend with friends. We will be visiting many places there in Mysore and I personally want to visit the Heritage buildings over their on our trip to Mysore. So please give us the names of the famous historical Heritage buildings in Mysore please, you can give me the names of the building and I will take care of the rest.

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    Hmmm..! Thatís nice I can help you out here with the list of Heritage buildings in Mysore you can visit Mysore this month on the occasion of dasara, it is a must to visit place during this dasara season the Mysore palace will be filled with activities you can mark Mysore palace in red. And the lists of Heritage buildings are given below.

    1. Law Courts
    2. Band House
    3. Devaraja Market - 1900
    4. Silver Jubilee Clock Tower
    5. Oriental Research Institute

    These are the famous Heritage buildings in mysore.

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