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Thread: Ford Figo Features?

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    Ford Figo Features?

    What are the features available in Ford Figo..?

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    The new Ford Figo features and specification have been made unique which give good appearance. It carries the smart keyless entry and latest push-button start technology as standard while new front and rear, reworked headlamps, striking 8-spoke alloys, restructured front grille, restyled rear portion and many more make it different to the current model.

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    In Indian car segment compact four wheel machine has dominated the scenario for long and still ready to combat further challenges to remain as the best sold car in India. The new compact car entrant Ford Figo has standard features that matches the need of the mass customer’s demand.

    Ford Figo is easy to control as it is equipped with ABS, EBD and disc brake system. For safer measure it has got Dual front airbags for the front passenger to avoid immediate collision impact.

    Advanced feature as Smart Programmable Remote Key for keyless operation adds more value to the car. You can open all the four doors without key usage and can unlock the trunk gate just by button press on the key.

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    This newly introduced hatchback car Ford Figo which is priced within the range of Rs. Rs 3.8 Lacs to Rs. 6 Lacs does makes sense buying it as it has got attractive features like power door locks, day and night rear view mirror, power windows, central locking and engine immobilizer.

    One can state it is equipped with higher security system that builds a sense of safety in the rider. Quite intelligent also as you cannot trick Figo with methods of pin and duplicate key to enter inside it to drive it away without owner’s acknowledgement. For its mill ceases when such stealing methods are implemented on it.

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    The launch of Ford Figo campaign with catchy tag line of ‘Change is a Wonderful Thing’ adds sense of meaning with company’s ongoing experiment to add new concept to their car that brings joy to the rider. Unveil of the new avatar Figo bears a compelling outlook with exclusive performance. Quite fuel efficient hatchback car you can state to Figo model of Ford as its petrol version gives mileage of 12-14kmpl whereas diesel version gives 14-18 kmpl.

    This Figo of Ford which has made massive rave in media has good news for the car buyers as its multiple variants are available at an attractive price. The petrol engine variants like Figo Duratec LXI 1.2 is of Rs.3.93 Lakh, Figo Duratec EXI 1.2 is of Rs. 4.32 Lakh, Figo Duratec Petrol Titanium 1.2 is of Rs. 5.11 Lakhand Figo Duratec ZXI 1.2 is of Rs. 4.61 Lakh. The diesel versions like Figo Duratorq LXI 1 is of Rs..4 4.93 Lakh, Figo Duratorq EXI 1. is of Rs. 4 5.32 Lakh, Figo Duratorq ZXI 1.4 is of Rs. 5.61 Lakh and Figo Duratorq Titanium 1.4 is of Rs. 6.11 Lakh.

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    Figo’s “Change is a Wonderful Thing” is quite a catchy promo tag line which Ford has highlighted massively for greater campaign outcome on electronic media, giving an expression to company’s capability to undergo change for better outlook that bridges to mass with time process. I don’t know where Figo would stand in the race with lots of tough hatchback competitors. But Ford’s comeback in Figo appearance is similar to Shah Rukh Khan’s display in ‘My Name is Khan’ after a long absence from silver screen.

    As projected in the ad of Figo it displays impressively features like easy to navigate steering wheel power, Bluetooth technology and kinetic design. Figo model of Ford could be compared to Swift and Ritz which has well accentuated body outline where vertically stacked tail lamp design and C-pillar fitted glass panels are featured. The interior design is quite appealing that comes with contrasting dashboard with silver outline attached music system on to it.

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