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Thread: love

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    Question love

    i love someone but i can't tell this to him what can i do

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    [QUOTE=crystall trait;266638]i love someone but i can't tell this to him what can i do[/QUOTE]

    Well, then suffer in silence.

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    Thumbs up Talk to a guy.

    Women asking men out can be challenging a bit, but not impossible, after all we live in 21st century men and women should be equal right? There are some simple things you can do to make him feel more appreciate to you but at the same time you do not want to be too clingy to a man either.
    Ask him favorite food, most men love women who know how to cook. Ask him about his hobbies, try to find common things that you guys can come together do it and enjoy. In general men are pretty simple and straightforward. Goodluck!

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    Hello crystall

    May I know, who is he? is he your collegue? or neighbor or college mate? did he knows that you are intersted in him? is he showing any kind of interest in you? Reply please

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