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Thread: more information on Mahindra Adventure

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    more information on Mahindra Adventure

    I have heard lot about Mahindra’s offroader the Adventure model …and should say it is an awesome four wheel machine that could almost take all types of challenges on road.

    Recently I have got to hear that Mahindra & Mahindra is ready to unveil another version of Adventure in the upcoming Season. So very excited to hear from you about more information on Mahindra Adventure?

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    Mahindra Adventure more information

    If you want to know more about one of the leading SUV manufacturer of India …then it is doing great in car business after its Great Escapes, Challenges and Multi-Day Escapes model’s recent launch in mid of this year 2012.

    These four wheel machine’s launch is to indicate Mahindra's tough DNA as each of the adventure and sports types cars are best designed to provide strong resilience on all types of roads. Moreover to grab a top five slots at the 2012 Dakshin Dare Rally is not an easy task which Team Mahindra Adventure had proved.

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    Mahindra’s great sports event like Sakleshpur Great Escape, Goa Great Escape, Kolkata TSD Challenge, Lonavala Great Escape, Chandigarh Great Escape, Kottayam Great Escape, Annual Great Escape and Coimbatore TSD Challenge that excites people of all regions. Why not Mahindra Adventure takes the pride to sport boldly ..its toughness on all types of rugged grounds.

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    I like the Special Escape and Motosports events of Mahindra Adventure. In Special Escape the thrilling Trination Escape, Authentic Goa, Monastery Escape Classic and Royal Escape Classic events really rocks the people of the regions. I believe Motosports is more challenging Though I have never got the chance to watch events like Desert Storm, Raid de Himalayas and Dakshin Dare.

    It is heard that this season apart from India the Mahindra Adventure Challenges will break into regions like Bhutan and Nepal for 14 day Tri-Nation Escape…well that’s thrilling.

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    Well whenever I get time to break free from my tight schedules I make my time for Mahindra Adventure Events. It is heard that participants for Monsoon Challenge, Great Escape and Spice Challenge events one has to race in their own vehicle of Mahindra brand..which unluckily I don’t have. Moreover it is heard that only for Ooty and Hyderabad cars like Verito and Xylo are allowed in great escape events of Mahindra Adventure.

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