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Thread: How to dress up for an interview

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    How to dress up for an interview

    Wear formals (Indian or western) with decent pair of shoes and ensure that your clothes are neatly pressed
    Do not apply too much make-up
    Look smart
    Tie up your hair
    Speak confidently

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    Extremely Essential Thread!!
    Most of the Interviewee who is multi talented sometimes loses their marks during interview period, the reason is appearance!! They just walk in casually wearing unwanted stuffs this outlook gives bad impression to an interviewer, and this will intend them to reject the candidate at first sight!! We don’t want any brilliant candidate to go dumb for such reason… For healthy nation and vivid future, we want bright candidates to be placed in well recognized organization for promoting the projects!!

    Youths, kindly follow these dressing style for Interview..
    • Well pressed formal apparel is mandatory.
    • No accessories like earring, chain, bracelet etc.
    • No tattoos
    • Neatly combed hairs
    • Keep nails short and clean
    • Well polished shoes
    • Light fragrant scent

    • Well pressed formal apparel is mandatory.
    • No eye-catching ornaments & makeup’s
    • Light fragrant scent
    • 1 inch healed sandals
    • Well plated hairs
    • Carry a briefcase not hand purse or wallets

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    very good information about the dress for the interview

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    Hii all,

    Very good informatin, Interview is the step of your entry in a organisation, It is the First impression so you have to be the best to prove your impression!!

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