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Thread: Need advice

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    Need advice


    I have close to 9 years of experience in IT industry. I completed my computer engineering in 2003 and most of the times, I have worked as a programmer (what i mean to say is that I have not performed project management siimply because I do not have interest in that). I have received appreciation from my employers on multiple occasions. Despite that, I do not see any further growth and given the current trend, I see lots of opprtunities for data/research scientist. That's why I am planning to crack GRE and go for MS in statistics/analytics.

    Please suggest if it is a good option for someone who has 9 years of experience. and whether there are good opprtunities in statistics. Thanks.

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    when you are not comfort in current job, as you said here. Attain a GRE examination and search for a better job and quit from there thats it simple.

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    Need advice

    Great opportunity after gre .Good decision.i like because i am IT field employee but i am not satisfied my job . I have doing gre exam & achieved my dream job.

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    Hey Friend,

    That was a good idea!!! Statistics have a lot of scope both in the Government and Non-government sectors. As you said, you have 9 years of work experience in IT field, and then it would be easy to crack the GRE paper.

    After completing your Masters, you can apply for the designations in the government sectors like science analyst, research analyst, communication system analyst, regional intelligence analyst, and so on.

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