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Thread: skoda joyster launch date in india and price

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    skoda joyster launch date in india and price


    I have heard that airship designed front skoda joyster is available with impressive mileage of 16 kmpl....about which I am not certain. Do you have any idea on this? It will be great if you share your information on it as I am desperately looking for it. Want to have quick look on to skoda joyster launch date in india and price. An add of information on it will be of great help.

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    skoda joyster soon launch in india and price

    True ..that this Czech Republic based car maker’s new Skoda looks like an airship from the front but…a sturdy type. Skoda Auto’s this mini size car is declared to be launched by next year 2013. Though this year 2012 the expectation was high on its release.

    It seems Skoda is studying hard to understand the tough Indian car market to emerge successfully among the other numerous hatchback competitors. This Joyster model of Skoda is heard to feature rich interior design with highly sophisticated features. You can expect from this Rs. 3,00000, Rs. 5,00000 to Rs. 6,00000 worth Joyster with features like comfortable seats, power steering, low fuel warning light, automatic climate control, enhanced music system and button for engine regulation. Well Yeah! Do expect it to be a tough machine to be introduced by Czech Republic car maker very soon in India..so till then have patience to wait for its arrival.

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    Yeah! Even I have heard of Skoda Joyster which planned to arrive this year in India's mini car segment..but why the delay till next year…am clueless. Price wise Joyster is quite impressive that is ranging from Rs.3 Lacs to Rs.4 Lacs this powerful sturdy machine.

    Apart from younger customers it is to drive others towards it cause this small car is not superbly powerful with load of three-cylinder, 1.0L engine (petrol)/ three cylinders, 1.2L engine (diesel) but is also very fuel efficient that gives 12 kmpl to 16 kmpl mileage.

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