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Thread: Looking For a Tamil Female Friend in Bangalore

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    Looking For a Tamil Female Friend in Bangalore

    Hi friends,

    My cousin, who got a job in an MNC in Bangalore, is going to join by next month. All other friends of her got training in Chennai, and she is the only girl to go to Bangalore for training. She is unwilling to stay in ladies' hostel; instead she prefers to look for an individual room to stay.

    As she is new to that city, she is looking for a female friend or a roommate in Bangalore…

    Someone, please help me!!!

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    Hey friend,

    Thank God!!! At least, she got training in Bangalore. Think about the persons who got their training in Noida or in some other places in North India. Most of the people there in this city are familiar with Tamil Language, and this city is very much closer to Tamil Nadu. So, no need to have a fear about the language issues and all.

    My advice is to – ask her to stay in a hostel for a week or a month’s time. It’s too hard to believe people outside. She will get a number of friends in her office, and they are trustworthy persons too. Then she can ask any of her acquaintance to accompany her.

    Hope, you’ll consider my suggestion!!!

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