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Thread: Sharodiya Durga Puja 2012 in Bangalore

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    Sharodiya Durga Puja 2012 in Bangalore

    Hi friends,

    This is our first Durga Puja in Bangalore. While reading a newspaper, I came across a new caption for the first time - ‘Sharodiya Durgotsav 2012’ in Bangalore. I think it is something related to Durga Puja, right??? Please describe in detail about this Sharodiya Durga Puja 2012.

    Eagerly waiting for your replies!!!

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    Bengalis in Bangalore Society is celebrates the second Durga Puja this year; this is named as ‘Sharodiya Durga Puja’.

    The actual devotion of the Goddess Durga as stipulated by the Hindu scriptures falls in the month of Chaitra, which roughly overlaps with March or April and is called Basanti Durga Puja. This ceremony is not observed by many and is constrained to a handful in the state of West Bengal. The more popular form of Durga Puja is known as Sharadiya (Autumnal) Durga Puja. This is celebrated later in the year with the dates falling either in September or October.

    Since the Goddess is summoned at the wrong time, it is called "Akaal Bodhon" in Bengali. Durga Puja is one of the most important, majestic and grand festival celebrated by different communities in India. Durga Puja and the related festival happen for 5 continuous days.

    BinB society, this year would like to invite you as a sponsor in this festivity. If you’re interested, you may sponsor the main entrance gate, Cultural stage backdrop, big banner advertising or online mode of advertising. This is a unique opportunity to associate your brand with a prominent and ambitious segment of Bangalore.

    Celebrate Durga Ma’s arrival with joy and enthusiasm!!!

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