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Thread: Tamil Friends in Bangalore

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    Tamil Friends in Bangalore

    Hi friends,

    I am guy from Tamil Nadu, working here in Bangalore. I found this forum to pretty interesting and felt that it is the best way to have Tamil community friends. I am looking forward to have a chain of Tamil friends through this forum.

    Is there any Tamilians in Bangalore??? Please come forward to elongate this chain…

    Eagerly waiting friends!!!

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    Hi Shiva,

    Thanks for starting a new thread for Tamilians!!!

    We can make meaningful friendships by discussing the common interests, hometowns, studies, etc. we can also share our feelings. Nothing can bet the feelings which are shared in our mother-tongue. That too, in Tamil… No words to say…

    தமிழ் மொழிப் போல இனிதாவதொரு மொழி வேறெங்கும் காணோம்!!!

    Looking forward to make lot of Tamil friends here…

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