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Thread: Joint Family Is A Blessing In Disguise

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    Joint Family Is A Blessing In Disguise

    Hi my dear friends!!!
    If you see ancient India, every one lived in a joint family with brother, sister, parents, uncle, aunt, grandparents, etc. Later as years passed by, these beautiful joint family started to segregate.
    Joint Family is a blessing in disguise. But nowadays people do not want to live in a joint family anymore; rather they prefer to be separate.
    What reasons could you think might have caused this drastic change?
    I will share my views later..
    I am waiting for your valuable replies..

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    Well varun, your topic is appreciable..
    As you said joint family is a blessing; of course I partially agree with the term. Because, a friendly relation and no too much of expectation within a joint family will be truly a blessing but in some family daughter in laws are goat of sacrifice, a free servant and in some family we can observe too much of misunderstandings.. If this is a case, then Joint family is a curse..

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    Yes, I do agree with you both.. If a person is good in nature, obviously he/she will make his/her surroundings good.. It depends up on the person. If a daughter-in-law wants to satisfy only her desires and behaves with others like a stranger for the whole life, then it is understandable that the family will not tolerate such activities for long time. This will lead to quarrels and fights with other family members and the peace of family will get lost.
    If a person in the family has the ability to change one’s behavior politely then that family will be peaceful and happy. Sacrifice, adjustment, politeness and humbleness are the few qualities that should be in all the members of the family to make their home happy to live.
    Hope you guys are getting my point.

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