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Thread: Swim Camps In Bangalore

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    Swim Camps In Bangalore

    Hi friends,

    I came to know that, Nisha Millet Swimming Academy is going to organize the swim camps for both adults and children in various locations in Bangalore. My nephews are very much interested to join in those swim camps.

    Can anyone provide all the necessary information regarding the swim camps for children in Bangalore…

    Eagerly waiting for your replies!!!

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    Yes friend,

    The swim camps for kids are to be take place in two places as follows:

    1. Ommi, Whitefield

    Fees: Rs. 4500 per head including taxes
    Course Name: Kids weekend beginner and intermediate camp
    Timing: 10-11AM
    Date: Starts from October 6th

    2. Zela , The luxury health club on Residency Road

    a) Course Name: Kids weekend beginner afternoon camp
    Timing:12.30-1.30 PM
    Date: starts October 13th to December 1st

    b) Course Name: Kids weekend Intermediate afternoon camp
    Timing: 1.30-2.30 PM starts
    Date: October 13th to December 1st

    I think the classes have been started at present. Call now and confirm your enrollment. The contact number is 98453-98443.

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