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Thread: Who will be eliminated from Bigg Boss 6 this week?

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    Who will be eliminated from Bigg Boss 6 this week?

    Hello everyone,

    Whom do you think will be eliminated this week Rajev Paul or Kashif Qureshi? Letís discuss on the topic today..! Please share your views on the one who do you think will be shown the exit door?

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    Hi Sachet, you are too late Kashif Qureshi is already eliminated from big boss 6, and did you know that Kashif Qureshi is the second contestant to be eliminated from 'Bigg Boss 6'. Kashif was the only non-celebrity member on the show he is a martial artist from Hyderabad. I feel that he got eliminated because he did not make any friends in the 'Bigg Boss 6'.

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    Hi guys,
    I have the new list on the people who got nominated for elimination for this week, I will share the new elimination contestants list and letís talk whom do you think will be eliminated this week. And the names are as follows.

    Rajev paul

    sayantani ghosh

    urvashi dholakia

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    Sayantani Ghosh, I think coz she has lower number of fan following if compared to Urvashi and also not creating any spl TRP drama

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    I think its Sayantani Gosh who is going to get eliminate this week because she is not impressive and no mingling with others much. I think all the Big Boss lovers too don't like her behavior and she will get very less votes and may get eliminated from the house this weekend.
    Last week Kashif Quereshi has been eliminated Since Vrajesh Hirjee, captain of the house for a week, asked him to help the kitchen team, but he failed in that. So he dint impressed the audience and got eliminated.

    Best of Luck to other members of Big Boss House..
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    Hi Friends!!
    According to the latest episode (Episode:22) that held yesterday (28/10/2012), four members has been nominated this time and their names are:
    Sampat pal
    Karishma Kotak.

    Friends whom do you think will get eliminated this time?
    I think Aseem will get eliminate this time because of his behavior in the house. He is not entertaining the audience by any means..
    I want him to get eliminate this time.

    Share your views by replying this post..

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