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Thread: Sweet Things To Do For Your Husband

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    Sweet Things To Do For Your Husband

    Hi my dear friends!!!
    My friend is going to get married soon and she is very scared about her married life. She asked some help from me. She is a caring girl and she will adjust with her in-laws. But still she is worried about her future life.. She just asked few questions to me and I remained unanswered because even I am unmarried and never fell in love too.
    I would like to share these questions with you and I really want help from you and that is reply for these questions. She really needs the answers for these questions..
    The questions are:
    How to behave with her husband? What are all the sweet things that she can do to make her husband happy?
    Kindly reply..
    I am waiting for your replies..

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    Hi Anchal..
    First of all Congrats to your friend for her marriage..
    To become a best wife is not an easy task.
    You should be a best friend for your husband; you should love him, care him and do anything for him.
    I have listed some of the sweet things that you can do to make your husband happy..

    1. Text him at work and keep him from getting bored at some moment of the day. Take care that he should not get disturbed because of your message..
    2. You both can start a hobby together such cleaning home once in a month, or gardening, or something else of your choice.. You both should have equal interest in the hobby. Even if one feels bore, then itís of no use..
    3. Let your home be heaven where your husband can retreat from the stresses of life.
    4. Rub his feet at least for 20 minutes as it may even improve his health.
    5. Walk with him for a while whenever you get time. Talk, listen and hold his hand while ealking.
    6. Buy some sweet smelling oils and give him a full body massage and work out those aching muscles.
    7. Pamper him when he is sick. Make sure that everything is comfortable.
    8. Display your wedding photos in your bedroom.
    9. Wake him up with lots of kisses.
    10. Donít compare him with others even with your father or brother. Your husband is unique in his own ways.

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    The first thing you need to do is cook the foods that he likes the most. Give him surprise frequently. Kiss him every morning while waking him up. Hug him while he goes for his job. Hug and kiss him when he comes from his job. Make him feel that you really missed him when he was not with you. Ask him to help you in your kitchen chores and romance with him in between. Ask him to take you out for dinner and order his favorite item. Talk to him about his favorite topics. Ask him some romantic questions. Talk about your future. Reduce misunderstandings. Put small fights. And never hurt him when you put fight. Thatís it. Your life will be happy.

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