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Thread: How To Get Refund Of Tds Deducted By Bank

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    How To Get Refund Of Tds Deducted By Bank

    Hi friends
    I am a corporate employee. Actually some amount of my salary has been deducted as TDS. I want to know how to get refund of the deducted money? When I will get the money back? I donít have other source of income and this money will greatly helpful for my needs. Kindly help me in this matter.

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    You should prepare your income tax return on ITR 4 and submit the same to income tax office of your city. After processing you will receive cheque of refund amount. Please fill the form accurately with the help of some knowledgeable person. Now days income tax department is doing its processing work very fast. I hope you will get the refund in 3 months after filling provided you have filled return for correctly.

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    For these kinds of issues, instead of struggling online for the solution itís better to walk in directly to the relevant bank and find answer for the issues related to Tax Deduction services.

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