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Thread: Tamil Wedding Rituals And Customs

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    Tamil Wedding Rituals And Customs

    I have heard many times that Tamil wedding rituals has very long beautiful procedure; may I know what are those important customs they follow during marriage??

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    Yup, In most of the places Tamil marriage usually takes 2days with important rituals like

    Pre Wedding Rituals Includes:-
    Nandi Devata Pooja
    Navgraha Pooja
    Naandi Shraartham

    Wedding Day Rituals Includes:-
    Gauri Ganesha Pooja
    Pada Pooja
    Kaasi Yatra

    Post Wedding Day Tamil Includes:-
    Bridal Night
    Sumangali Prarthanai
    Sadva pooja
    Sambandhi Virandh
    Farewell Celebration
    Maruvidu Varudal

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