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Thread: Naming Ceremony Invitation Wordings In English

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    Naming Ceremony Invitation Wordings In English

    I am looking for unique and attractive naming Ceremony Invitation Wordings, Kindly somebody help me in sharing links that consist beautiful naming ceremony/namkaran words…

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    Are you hunting for unique Naming Ceremony Invitation Wordings?? Simple, the content you expose in the invitation must look as though baby is inviting all family members and relatives for the occasion. This look very attractive!!

    As such best wordings are:-

    1. Please come to my naming ceremony

    2. Hey people,
    Cherish your presence on my naming ceremony!

    3. You are invited to the naming ceremony!

    4. Introducing my Name on _______________ time_______ & Location_______________

    If it is parents inviting, then we can make use of these words:-

    1. In the arms of family and friends . . . Love Grows On the _______ day of _____________ We would be honored if you'd join us for a naming ceremony to introduce our new baby _________o'clock Location:________________________

    2. Come as a family to help us celebrate our Naming Ceremony on _______________ time_______ & Location_______________

    3. would like to invite you to join the naming ceremony

    4. We invite you to join us for the Hebrew Naming Ceremony of our son/daughter

    5. With joyful hearts we invite you to join us for the Hebrew Naming Ceremony

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