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Thread: Maxfort School

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    Hello Carringmamma,

    In one of your posts you have stated “I am extremely happy after pulling my daughter out of this suffocating environment of maxfort”. Now, your daughter is out of that school and why you’re bothered about children in Maxfort. No parents will allow their children to study in a school where there is no proper system. Maybe you did not like the management or teacher, or you have faced problems. It doesn’t mean that every parent will have the same thought about the school. If you want to save the children of Maxfort, do what has to be done. Go toward and fight with the management of Maxfort or file complaint against them.

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    hello caringmom....wel u seem to have done a lot of research about schools in dwarka... which school have you finally put your child in because im sure you would have gone for the best option available....hopin to use your experience for a better future of my child..


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    Maxfort Dwarka... New school, new thought process

    In the last two years of my posting in Delhi, i have seen this seen city as a maximum city....a city devoid of discipline and sensitivity. I was hell lot of worried for me son's education. Dwarka being flooded with schools, i was always confused about where to go, where to stop. Thankfully, my experience with maxfort dwarka has been nothing less than wondrous. Their new approach and sensitivity towards the child's need is simply par excellence. The efforts that they put in to train their teachers and the compassion that is being shown by the staff simply took me by surprise. Here i want to mention particularly about deepa kumar--the director of the school. she seems to be a highly enterprising lady. The way she has directed her teachers to use smart boards is awe-inspiring. Though i have seen the common use of smart classes in many schools, but the way my child is intrigued with his smart board teaching has left me spellbound.

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    Hello Parents….
    Maxfort is the topmost school in Delhi. Many students leave other schools and joins Maxfort because of the quality of education and the way they shape the student’s life. 5 to 12 is the age where the child has maximum grasping power. Here in Maxfort they take maximum effort to make students to learn new things at this age. Many parents have complaints about this school as far as education, other activities and faculties are concerned. Parents should teach their children to come out of the problem instead of arguing in the school. According to my point of view these parents may have some problems with the staffs rather than the school. If you think that staffs are the major problem or they don’t teach well, then how come other students studying in the same school gets more marks than your kids? This may also mean that your kid might be finding some difficulties in understanding the concept. Make your kid efficient to learn the things instead of blaming the school.

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    Schools in Dwarka

    I have been searching for good schools in Dwarka from some time back. And i found that there are few big names like DPS, Maxfort, Balbharti which are not actually the outstanding among all. Its just that we sometimes does not look for less popular schools like Pragati Public, Nirmal Bhartiya school. Last few days i talked to few ppl whose childrens are in Pragati and Nirmal school and seems they are quite satisfied with the school.
    If you check the faculties of the schools, more or less they are similar only. Just look for any good school which is closest to your home and go for it. Don't rush for Big names.

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    Maxfort school is such a wonderful school with extraordinary coaching, extra curricular activities etc...They also offer good infrastructural facilities as well. I advice all the parents to join their kids in that school. It is a very good school for kids. The teachers are also very good over there.

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