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Thread: Divorce Lawyer in Bangalore

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    actually i am searching a lawyer of medical malpractice about...

    for more plz read..


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    > Sharan wrote:

    > I am looking for a divorce lawyer from Bangalore, Karnataka.I am living in hell. I want to get out of this bad marriage. I want to consult a lawyer who will advice me on what decision I should take. Does anyone know of a good lawyer? please message me as I cannot continue in a marriage with a woman who is cheating on me.

    contact advocates 09632318542

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    Getting separated is not a pleasant journey ,but trying to do it in the most civilised manner without inflicting pain on each other and taking the children into confidence is what is required .Dont get carried away by what others have to advise .Think about the gud times spent as a couple and let go of all the acrimony within you ,trust me its lot more easier.
    Find a good Advocate thatz very important
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    find a lawyer who will be accomodative and candid and tell you the truth ,not one who would sweet talk to fleece money out of you .its better if they call a spade a spade rather than getting disappointed later
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    hi saran, harassed husband, rony & all.
    Dont you guys think the other way round - Why should you do it all after suffering. Cant you play the tit-for tat game, which will also give your ex partners a lesson and also you will be thrilled with your success that way atleast.

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    Kripali and Harassed Husband,

    I am a bit sceptical of you guy/s ( you both seemed like conjoined twins or maybe you two are one) - why do you keep repeating the same story about your wonderful lawyer over and over again in the same thread?? Unless you are the lawyer yourself or paid by them why do you keep flogging their number so much? If somebody is reading this thread and the other one with same title, they would have read your comments already - no need to keep repeating. It will not make any difference to your business except that people will realise that you are desperate for business and might not be doing as successfully as you want others to believe.
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    Thumbs up

    Rubyruby ,
    you must be the person who must have benefitted from the womencentric laws prevailing in our country.Wish you were at the receiving end and you would have realised what a trauma it is .While I was franctically trying to contact lawyers after my in-laws and ex- wife filed a false case not only againtst me ,but my entire family who were not even connected ,running from pillar to post I found the contact number of my lawyers on the website and only I know what a relief it is.
    The only reason I have again posted their number was to help persons like me .I dont care about a disgruntled element like you who with your low level of thinking thinksI am flogging their numbers .my genuine intention is to help people like me placed in similar do or die situation.

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    Hey HH,
    all that i have to Quote is :
    "When a person is down in the world, an ounce of help is better than a pound of preaching."
    It was a great relief for me on getting this Contact #.
    I lost hope completely as i am a victim of 498A completely being framed by my wife and inlaws ( for not accepting their demands of ditching my parents ) and running from pillar to post with my parents who are suffering from illness. Let me knock this door and see if i can get some help / support.
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    Never go to advocate Aparana Kanampalle or Aprana G for the divorce case, she is in Malleshwaram. She is not a divorce lawyer which she claims. She does not know how to prepare the case also. SShe does not know ABC of divove. And she demand huge money. She wants to suck as much money out of you as she can. She will cheat you to get a much money out of you as she can. She will scare you to give her more money. I wanted to withdraw the case in that case she is asking 10,000Rs. I have already paid the full fees. Then I came to know there is no fees for withdrawl. She scared me to say that you have to pay 10,000Rs.

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    Amendment to hm act

    With the proposed amendment to Hindu Marriage Act ,I wish some momentum would be gathered in speedy disposal of cases .Infact the other day I met Kumar Jagirdar who is the founder member of the Harassed Husbands Club ,he was also very hopeful that some light could be seen at the end of the tunnel.
    Primarily it is the mindset which needs to be changed.The age old mindset that women are the weaker sex needs to be altered . In 21 st century when they are equally capable like men the adage that they are weak is nothing but a misnomer AND FARCE
    But everything said and done the fabric of our society has taken a beating due to our impatience and intolerance,I might be sounding very philosophical but just expressing my mind very candidly........

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    The best divorce lawyers in Bangalore are:

    Siji Malayil & Associates

    Address: No 6,1st Floor,
    Murphy Road,
    Bangalore, Karnataka
    Zip code: 560008

    Ruia & Associates

    Address: G-2, Eshwar Krupa Apts,
    No.95, OPP:SBM,
    Serpentine Road, Kumara Park West
    Bangalore, Karnataka
    Zip code: 560020

    Nandita Haldipur

    Address: No.17, Sharnag Apartment,
    Flat no. 102, Ground Floor, 18th Cross,
    Bangalore, Karnataka
    Zip code : 560086

    Banashankari Associates

    Address: 118, Banashankari,
    1st 'A' main road, Kasturinagar,
    (Near Indiranagar)
    Bangalore, Karnataka
    Zip code : 560043

    Anant Mandgi & Associates

    Address: 10/7/I, kumara krupa road,
    high grounds
    Bangalore, Karnataka
    Zip code : 560001

    Suresh Chitnis

    Address: 1171, 26th A Main,
    4th T Block, Jayanagar
    Bangalore, Karnataka
    Zip code : 560041

    Uday Shankar Associates

    Address: Fortune Chambers, I Floor, No. 8,
    Lalbagh Road, Richmond Circle,
    Bangalore, Karnataka
    Zip code : - 560 027

    K. R. Chawla & Co.

    Address: No. 302-A, Cears Plaza,
    No. 136, Residency Road
    Bangalore, Karnataka
    Zip code : 560025

    Law and Options

    Address: 70/3, Miller's Road
    Bangalore, Karnataka
    Zip code : 560052

    Mento Associates

    Address: No.378, 2nd Floor,
    9th Main,Near 42nd Cross,
    5th Block,Jayanagar
    Bangalore, Karnataka
    Zip code : 560078

    Chandrashekharayya Nandikol

    Address: No. 1240, 9th Main,
    Vijaya Nagar
    Bangalore, Karnataka
    Zip code : 560040

    Chandan Associates

    Address: No. 55, 3rd Floor,
    Railway Parallel Road,
    Kumara Park West
    Bangalore, Karnataka
    Zip code : 560020

    Smt. Rajamani, Advocate & Notary

    Address: No. 28, Ramu Plaza, Mount Joy Road,
    Hanumanthanagar,, Near Ganesh Bhavan Bus Stop

    Advocate Kalyan Krishna

    Address: 552 1st Floor, F Block,
    Near Park view Bakery,Opp sahakar nagar club,
    Sahakar Nagar

    The Divorce Point

    Address: 914,9th A Main,
    3rd C Cross,1st Block,
    HRBR Layout

    Kreiozlegal Solutions

    Regency Enclave
    Magrath Rd, Bangalore

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