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Thread: Relationship with younger sister

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    Relationship with younger sister

    Hi friends,

    One of my cousins, who went to the residential school at the age of 5, came back to his home after completing his higher secondary. Now he is staying with his family since 6 months, and he is pursuing his graduation in a college near to his home. As we both are close from our childhood, he never hides anything from me. One day, he revealed that – he is falling for his younger sister who is doing her 10th Standard.

    We both know that, it’s something against our religion and society. Please tell me, how to bring him from this kind of evil thought.

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    Hey Friend,

    What you’re saying??? This happens rarely in our society. This is unacceptable by our society.

    The reason that makes your cousin to fall for his sister is that – he was away from the love and affection of his parents and sisters for a long time. Here, it was the mistake of his parents. If he had education in a residential school since his childhood, he doesn’t know the importance and vow of a brother.

    Though your cousin is elder or younger to you, he had shared this issue with you. You have to make him understand carefully that, a sister is someone who cares likes a mom and behaves like a child. Try to point out few sacred examples stating the importance of a brother-and-sister relationship. If he feels that, he cannot come out from this evil thought, ask him to change his college. Sometimes separation will make us understand the significance of relationship.

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    Anitha is absolutely correct. Brother and sister relationship is sacred. It’s very uncommon that a brother falls for his sister. It may be a kind of love or your cousin wants to be with her, he likes her sister more, he loves her sister, etc… whatever but we can’t give a meaning of that “LOVE” that happens between a couple. So as Anitha said, you should try to convince your cousin. One thing is clearly understandable is that he is craving for love. If any other girl comes in her life then he may change his mind. So he needs change of place and atmosphere. If he is above 25 then he should get married soon.

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