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Thread: How To Flirt With A Girl Through Sms

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    How To Flirt With A Girl Through Sms

    Usually I get flopped while flirting with girls by means of SMS, it shouldn’t happen anymore to me……….. For being strong @ flirting I Need some expert’s advices on how to withhold this activity sturdy…. Will somebody help me???

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    Ouch! You request as if you are in very urge for some important project, Crazy!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyways, Flirt as job is offence but if it is rare doings; then it doesn’t matter.

    The following are best allusions for flirting with girls through SMS:-

    >> While Texting Use emoticons Here And There In Between Texts
    >> Use Funny Words
    >> Use Appreciating Terms
    >> Text About Common Wellbeing
    >> Make use of pet names instead calling her own name
    >> Be yourself
    >> Don’t text back immediately
    >> Text her things where she should remember you
    >> Don't re-send messages
    >> Always Don't be the one to text first

    Flirt SMS:-

    Boy - Hey do you like water?
    Girl - Yeah...
    Boy- Good, then you already like 70% of me. :P :/

    Whenever boys see a Beautiful Girl with
    Cool Figure, Long Hair, Fair Complexion
    They remind the Tata Sky slogan
    Isko pata dala to life jhingalala!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boy - You Look Exactly Like My Wife....
    Girl – OH! What's Your Wife's Name?
    Boy - I'm Not Married Yet... :-)
    Moral: Learn New Methods To Propose………

    I Love You So Much That
    I See Your Face In Other Girls 'n
    So I Can’t Stop Myself From Loving Them Also

    G---- Ghomne phirne ki shokeen
    I---- Innocent
    R---- Rone ki machine
    L---- Larko ki pocket khali karne wali

    You know, you look like a potato. And I love potatoes.

    2 Boys were Following 2 Girls
    Each girl took Rakhi & tied 2 their hands & asked them
    What will u do now?????
    Boys, Dude! u marry my sister, I will marry ur sister.

    Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile

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    Hey man.......

    I think sms is the best way to flirt with, because one of my friends also does that. There are ways to flirt in sms; there are some sms this way i.e. flirting. For example, i would like to tell you a flirting SMS, which was sent by my friend to his girl. It goes on like this; I do not know what happened to me from the day i saw you, what have you done to me, i am very sorry to tell this, i love “U” v, w, x, y, z. This was both the sign of flirt as well as sense of humor.

    Hope this helped!!

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