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Thread: My Kids First Day at School

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    My Kids First Day at School

    Hey guys,

    I would like to share my experience when I when to drop my kids at the school, It was their very first day and both my kids started to cry while leaving them at school, they are just 7 years sold and me and my wife decided that itís time to send our kids to school. my I have two sons and their names are varun and arjun, arjun is very naught and playful I love him so much coz he is my last son and when I felt him at the school he said bye dad..! And as he was walking I started to cry thinking of him, kids learn so much at school, and it reminds me of my school days. Does anyone have any experience to share..! Then feel free and share it here with me..

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    So funny,

    Even I cried when my daughter went to school, she is my angel and my princes, she is my only daughter and we love her so much..! I went so early and anxiously to pick my daughter after school, she was sharing her about her new friends and things that she learned and about her teacher itís totally different experience that canít be measured or explained by words.

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    it's a nice moment when our kid goes to school.when we go to drop them we remembered all days when we started to go school.really that moments was amazing can't forget it.

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    Thanks guys for all you replies, going to schools to pick our kids is always a memorable experience for me everyday i learn many things for them. I will share one more experience which i had few days back with my son, we were taking a evening walk with my family i a park near by my house. After our walk we stopped by a shop to have our evening chats when i dropped the tissue after using it my son went and picked the tissue and ask me to drop in the dust bin and not on the street.

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