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Thread: How to make your baby fall asleep?

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    How to make your baby fall asleep?


    My baby is just 4 months old. She sleeps about 10 hours at night. The night sleep is not very good, she wakes up a lot, and sometimes she is awake for 1-2 hours. She even takes short naps for 20-30 mins everyday..! But thatís not the problem me, the problems is putting her to sleep. She hates her bouncy and her swing, I even try to sleep with her but no use she starts to cry. please tell me how so you make your baby fall asleep.

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    Hello there,

    I would suggest you to lay the baby down on your lap (tummy to leg) and sway side to side and seat there very quiet. It works all the every time.

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    hi sachi

    as per health wise u dnt worry abt this thing ... jus make sure ur baby is not hungry n not ill ....

    rest other things u have to find by ur experience tat how ur baby feels comfortable to sleep ... we cant generalised tat all babies will sleep same way ....

    and baby sleeps more compared to adults ..n their sleep will be small small frequently...

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    This might be due to your baby must be hungry and not having proper food. So, this can be reason of his awakeing..

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    Hey Saachi,
    I can understand you feelings; yes, it is very difficult for some mammas to get her baby fall asleep soon. To make this work simple, there are certain directives available, kindly follow it such as:-

    Add bananas to the meal for excellent sleep.

    Set mild ambiance for baby while sleep.

    Massage baby eyes with your palm softly.

    Play melodious song while seep.

    Swinging will help to make fall asleep quickly.

    Always baby bed should be warm.

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