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Thread: Santa claus dress for kids in chennai

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    Santa claus dress for kids in chennai

    Hi all......................

    As you all know that this is a Christmas season there will be many preparations going on not only here but worldwide. This Christmas season brings joy, peace and happiness within us, as this is celebrated on the commemoration of the birthday of Jesus Christ, we all would love to sing carols, share gifts with our pals, neighbors and many other things are done.

    The special thing on this day is the arrival of the Santa claus

    My son is studying in a convent; there they will celebrate the Christmas every year, for this even he is participating in some event, in that he is going to play the role of santa so he is been asked to wear santa claus dress, since this is his first participation he do not have this dress so we are planning to but the new one.

    Is there any shop where we will get this santa claus dress? If so! Can anyone please list out the address as soon as possible..........

    Thank you!!

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    Hi Siddharth.......

    December is a special month for all the Christians where they will be engaged in preparing for Christmas. Even in my kids school they will conduct some programmes like carol singing, skit etc...

    You have mentioned in your post that you are looking for some places to get santa claus dress for your kid, There are many places were you will get this costume, since you were specific about Chennai I will list them out;

    Here are those areas where you will get Santa claus dresses;

    Annanagar, Anna salai, spencer plaza, Ashok nagar

    You can also do online shopping....

    Hope it helped

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