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Thread: School Admission In Bangalore For 2013-14

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    School Admission In Bangalore For 2013-14

    Hi viewers!!
    I want to know about School Admission in Bangalore for the academic year 2013-2014. I want this details because my niece has a girl child and she is about to complete her 4 years of age.. My niece wants her to go to school. That kid is intelligent and smart.. She recites poems, alphabet, and 1-20 numbers at this small age.. All she learned from her mother..
    Kindly tell me few details about School admission in Bangalore..

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    Hiii anchal..
    There is good news for you… Yes!!! school admissions for pre-primary and Primary (Class 1) admissions are going to start in the month of January 2013.
    Since many unaided school has started their admission procedures and hence the department of public instruction has said that admissions to schools for academic year 2013-14 should begin only in January 2013.
    For further details you can contact a school headmaster nearby your location. They will surely guide you appropriately with the admission details.

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    hello Aanchal,

    admission is going on from the month of feb in Bangalore.. If I am not wrong you have mentioned here that the kids age is 5yrs, at ths age she must have been in UKG, actual age of school is 2.5 in some school they give admission for 1.5 for play Group.. Any ways please consult any good School for further information.. there are plenty schools in Bangalore.

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