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Thread: How Much Alcohol Per day Is Healthy

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    How Much Alcohol Per day Is Healthy

    Hello Friends,

    Is Alcohol is good for health? But I heard in a day we can consume some percent alcohol It is healthy can you guys aware anything about it kindly share it please…


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    As per your query I don’t think so you are alcoholic, all over alcohol is bad for health. It leads to many dangerous diseases, if you are addicted then you can have once in a week with some healthy food not with empty stomach.

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    alcohol is not good for health

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    Yes, even I wish to say that 0% alcohol is good for health, though it has several point % advantages n consuming during cold body temperature. Why I am so mulish concerning 0% alcohol coz liquor is the foremost affective drug condiment that creates various health issues to human body and alcohol is never-ending addictive stuff..

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