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Thread: Kannadada kotyadhipathi season 2 start date

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    Kannadada kotyadhipathi season 2 start date

    Hello kannada veekshakare!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think most of you all would have watched the most important game show i.e.”kannadadha kotiyaadhipathi” which was hosted by our power star “puneeth rajkumar” on suvarna channel. After seeing that show I was seriously impressed by the participants and how their life was changed after participating in that beautiful game show. By seeing all these things, even I wanted to experience such a change in my life. So I thought of participating in season 2 of that show, I do not know much news about that, so can anyone please give me some informations about that show? As well as I wanted to know the start date of it.

    Please do reply as soon as possible........

    Thank you!!!!!!

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    Hi Veenky

    It’s really nice to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel happy for the decision you have taken, participating in that wonderful game show is a golden opportunity and it will change your life...........................

    Kannadada kotiyadapathi is a kannada primetime quiz and human drama show. After the prodigious success of season one, season 2 is going to start very soon............

    “All viewers” Be awake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Puneet rajkumar the anchor of “season 1” will be anchoring even season 2........

    All the call entries will start from 15th December 2012 on suvarna channel, so all participants be ready to rock the show. The registration lines are open on 15th itself, the anchor of the show only will ask questions every night at 7 pm on suvarna channel.

    I think this a great platform for you veenky, make use of it wisely. As far as I looked for the information, I just got only these many, but they have not yet revealed when the show is going to start. Hope it will get started very soon.......

    Hope it helped!!!!!!!!!!!

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