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Thread: kareena kapoor latest pics after marriage

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    kareena kapoor latest pics after marriage

    Hey boys,

    Does anybody have latest pics of kareena kapoor after marriage, I am huge fan of her and I always admire her dressing sense, she plays her role perfectly and she is very choosy about her moves. I know everybody thinks that she is super hot including me. If anybody has the latest pics of her please do share it..!

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    I really don’t think we can share the images in this forum, I have few in my personal pen drive, I really wish I can share them with you in this forum. Since we cannot share the pics I suggest you to Google for the images I found the pics from Google I am very sure even you will find them in Google Just use the key word “unseenand rare pics of kareena kapoor after marriage”. And you will find thousand of website for the images of kareena kapoor trust me on this you will find anything in Google.

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