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Thread: Is Lipstick Harmful For Lips

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    Is Lipstick Harmful For Lips

    Hi Girls,

    I have bought a new branded lipstick for the first time, after seeing ads in TV. I donít know, whether it will suit or not. This is the first time; Iím going to use a lipstick. So far, I was using lip balms to heal the chapped and dry lips. I would like to know, whether lipstick is good or bad? If it is bad, please list out all those issues.


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    Hi friend,

    Itís better to use lip-balm itself, as many of the lipsticks are made from toxins and powerful chemicals. They will give you the glossy effect and can protect your lips by giving the soft and supple touch. Now there are lots of lip-balms from Vaseline, Nivea is available in different flavors to give the effects of lipsticks. So you can try that.

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    Hi Deep,

    Thanks for sharing your valuable suggestion!!! I'll use the products, which you've mentioned here!

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    He All,

    Use branded lipsticks, it will not harm your lips, if you use any other it will make your lips dark..

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