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Thread: My wife is hiding things from me - how to know?

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    My wife is hiding things from me - how to know?

    Hi all.............

    My wife is hiding things from me.......................

    I got married since two years; our marital life was going very smooth, there was no problem in our family life. From past few weeks I can see lot of changes in my wife. E specially there are lot of behavioral changes, this was totally shocking to me, I really do not know the reason behind this.............she is been acting really strange to me from past few weeks. I am getting worried about her. Because of her weird act, I am totally disturbed and not able to concentrate on my work. I think she is hiding something from me..............how to know that? Please give your valuable suggestions......................

    Waiting for your valuable replies!!!!!

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    Hi Amar.........

    Do not worry about that.............this is not a problem at all. If you feel that there is something wrong, then there is something wrong. The better solution for this could be, try to find what her problem is and talk to her about the present situation. Misunderstanding can also be a root cause for this, so try talking to her and immediately look for solution. I think other than this there is no other better solution for this................

    Hope you understood!!!!!!

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    I totally agree with Sejal. Try to talk to her and know what her problem is. You donít worry much about her and donít create any sorts of doubts in your mind about her character. She might be going through any tough phase that you should talk to her and get to know. The best way is care her all the time. Be with her in your free time. Take her to a movie and sooth her. Make her to feel that you can solve her problem. Make her to feel that you are the only person who cares for her and give a solution to get rid out of her issues. Then she will realize herself and tell her problem to you. And my suggestion is that donít lose your patience at any cost. Donít get angry on her. Always be polite.

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