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Thread: Most Expensive Cars In India

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    Most Expensive Cars In India

    Hi friends

    I am very much crazy about the cars I would like to know most expensive cars in India. can any one share me the list of expensive cars please....

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    Their are many expensive cars in India . not every one can afford these cars . these cars is ultimate status of the rich and famous . most of the worlds most expensive cars officially available in India

    Bugatti vey ron 16.4 grand sport - Rs 16 crores
    Koenigsegg agera - Rs 10 crores
    May bach 62 and 57s - Rs 5.2 crores
    Rolls –royce Phan tom - rs 4.0 crores
    Ferrari 599 - Rs 3.6 crores
    Lam borghini aventador -Rs 3.9 crores

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