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Thread: Does It Make Sense To Marry An Unemployed Man?

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    Does It Make Sense To Marry An Unemployed Man?

    My friend is in love, the guy whom she loves doesnít have job from the preliminary stage itself. Today there love is 3years old and she is ready to marry this Unemployed Man and she is also willing to shelter him by her own expenses for rest of the life. Is this true two side love?? Will this relationship sustain happily for long period of time??

    According to me this love is strange!

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    It is acceptable to marry these following category people though they are unemployed:-

    Physically handicapped.
    Person who is well educated and waiting for suitable job.
    Bride from rich family background can also give life to Unemployed Man.

    So if your friendís guy belongs to either of the above type it is okay to shelter him, but if he is reckless lazy man, then I say it is squander love.

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    ask him to get employed first.... othewise no question of marriage.

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    I think there is nothing wrong in marrying an unemployed man.......................

    You should not marry a man who is not trustworthy, a drunked, or a man who doubts. But you can marry an unemployed man. Because when they get a new relationship they will automatically be held with responsibilities, at least he will make an effort to work for the well being of his family. No matter how he was before, but once after getting married he is forced to work. In a relationship, the basic love, care and affection is important, these are secondary. I have seen so many couples this way; they are leading a happy life. At conclusion i would like to say that, there is no fault in marrying an unemployed man.

    Hope it helped!!

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