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Thread: Ex Boyfriend Blackmailing Me - Need Help

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    Ex Boyfriend Blackmailing Me - Need Help

    My friends ex boyfriend is blackmailing terrifically bad!! Don’t know how to deal with this issue

    A year ago my friend quit her relationship due to boy’s reckless behavior. This man is now threatening my friend by emailing all pics and gifts that she gave during their love era.

    Now wild problem is, except for email id there is no contact details to get in touch with him…. How to stop this nonsense behavior??

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    No other go! Chat & convince him through email else you can register a cyber crime against him.

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    Hey if she registers case, there will be huge problem in future which can’t be solved alone…..

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    same problem with me. he is blackmailling me that he he wil tell it to my parents and they wont be able to handle it and die.the problem is that he has my 2 nos that are at home, so tat he can call me.
    he has awkward photos of mine which he had taken from lappy(those i had snapped in my private moments alone.
    if i register a case with police or women's protection cell then will they tell it to my parents without my permission or is there any way to teach him a lesson without the knowledge of my parents.

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