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Thread: Traditional food of Karnataka

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    Traditional food of Karnataka

    Hi One and all,

    Hi Karnataka Friends of Sukh Dukh,

    I have come across of traditional Karnataka foods. These yummy foods are very tasty and delicious too. I would like to know the traditional food of Karnataka including desserts. Please list them.

    Iíll be very thankful to you.

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    The desserts of Karnataka are Payasa, Pedas, Kesari Bath, Obattu, Chiroti. The ingredients, flavors and the tastes of the Karnataka dishes are unique and mouth watering. Iíll list some of the best traditional dishes of Karnataka and you must taste them.

    Bisibele Bath
    Vanghi Bath
    Curd Rice
    Jowar Rotti
    Chicken pulao
    Mutton Pulao
    Sakkare Acchuhaala-Puri
    Pineapple Gojju
    Ragi Ball
    Dumroot Halwa
    Pandi (Pork) Curry,
    Koli (Chicken) Curry
    Bembla Curry
    Chutney Pudi
    Gatti Rotti
    Usli Dal
    Vangi Bath

    I hope you enjoyed reading the post. Letís spread the taste of traditional Karnataka food.

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