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Thread: Good pc games for free download

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    Good pc games for free download

    Hi all...........

    One of my cousins had bought a new laptop last month. She bought it for personal use. She normally loves playing games, especially in the system. In her PC she does not have much game, so she is looking for some good PC games for free download. Are there some good PC games for free download? If so please do let me know as soon as possible...........

    Thank you!!!!

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    Hi ajay,

    Though there are many number of PC games, not all of them are good. Only few are good. Most of them will not run without the proper nips. This is such a great distress. I can’t say that all games are bad; there are some good games also. Here I would like to list out some good games for your PC

    The following are the good PC games;

    • Knytt Stories
    • TribesNext
    • Riding on wind
    • Within a Deep Forest
    • Alien Swarm
    • Octodad
    • Icy tower
    • Road rash

    Tell your cousin to try with the above mentioned games.

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