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Thread: Should I marry now or not?

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    Should I marry now or not?


    My parents wants me to get married but I don’t .I am not interested in marrying now . I am 25 years old. I am going to complete my masters soon and after that I don’t have definitive plan for future . I may join for job or not . But I am thinking to do phd that will take another few years . But finishing masters my parents wants me to get married . At age of 25 years should I marry ? Also I am in doubt if marry now and that too someone I don't really can be disaster my whole life. I have problem that I never had anyone in my life with whom I want to have a whole life together. please advice ..

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    I cannot say that your parents are wrong to force you to get married . I am very sure they are looking for well being.However if you have doubt to get marry . Then ultimately in my opinion I donít think you should go through with it. .I know it is quite difficult to go against your parents . If your not ready to get married then you have to think of the consequences .I think you have to sit down with your parents and talk to them about the doubts your having . they will be able to advice you and see the thing very clearer. Donít rush to take decision think very patiently .

    Best wishes

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    Thumbs up Life is not a rush to get married and make babies, but to find happiness.

    Dear Geetha,
    I can totally understand if you are not ready for relationship. In life you have to sometimes just take time. In today's world age 25 is like nothing for women. Trust me when you are ready for relationship, you will know. What i would recommend is to get out of school and start working, may be you will meet someone at work or will give you sometime to choose your partner. Ask politely your parents for more time. Last thing you want is to end up with a dominating guy who will make you just do all household chores and not freedom and respect. Life is too short to be with person you don't like and be unhappy. Goodluck!

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    Hello Geetha,

    They are your parents, they are thinking from their end you can make them understand, they will surely understand yar!! try once and reply me

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