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Thread: Traditional Attire Of Kerala

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    Traditional Attire Of Kerala

    Hello All,

    Can any of you brief me about the traditional attire of Kerala… Please guide me asap..

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    You mean the entire attire of Kerala? Or any particular about it like place, costumes, eatables etc… please reply me it will be easy for me to revert back to you…

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    Hello Mehul, Thank you so much for your response. I want to know everything about kerala tradition, whatever you know kindly share with me..Thank you so much again

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    Kerala is Natural Beauty City, with more green sceneries. Famous dance is Katha kali, famous food Puttu, Appam, and unique saree and lungis (Dhoti) I know only this much if anyone knows more about it kindly share it here…

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    Many people in Kerala wear a traditional saree draped around the entire body with small blouses. The saree is made of silk with the borders designed in the golden color. They also love to wear heavy jewelry matching to the saree. I love to see the earrings and bracelets which are designed beautifully.

    Typical kerala style women wear a pyjama with a blouse and knot their hairs.

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