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Thread: Is it Normal for a Newborn to get the Hiccups a Lot

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    Is it Normal for a Newborn to get the Hiccups a Lot

    Hey All,

    My son is just 2 months old and he gets hiccups very often whenever he laughs he gets it. I will give him hot water it will stop immediately, but I am scared. Is it normal please guide me..

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    My sis has blessed with a baby boy; he keeps getting the hiccups, usually at night time after when she feed. We consulted Dr he said it doesn't matter.. so no worries take care !!

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    consult doctor once

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    Hey Thanks rajiv and Nizrin, for your kind response surely I consult to doctor soon..

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    Hi nishad,

    Yes! Hiccups are very common in babies who are under one year. So donít worry.......it is normal. Hicupps have nothing to do with breadth, some irritation in the muscle cause hiccups. There is no need for it to be stopped......... it will be there for few weeks.

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