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Thread: How to check purity of honey?

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    How to check purity of honey?

    Honey is an ingredient that most of us would like, what if the honey being used is fake and impure? This has become common in the market; they will often give the impure honey. How to know if the honey is pure or bad. Is there any way to figure it out? If so! Can anyone please tell how to check the purity of honey? So that it will not only be helpful for me, but it will be useful for many people who are using honey.

    Thank you!!

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    I think everyone in this world would like to taste the natural honey. This is one of the health ingredients also, which gives more credit and have multiple uses. In this modern world no one is bothered whether the honey is pure or adulterated. It is the must to check the purity of honey. Here are few ways to check how pure the honey is.

    The following are the ways to check the purity of honey;

    First take a glass of water and then add a tea spoon of honey to it. After that shake it well, but do not stir it. Then see if the honey gets dissolved in the water. If it does dissolve then it is not an original honey it is the adulterated one. If it does not get dissolved and stays mass then it is the natural pure honey.

    So it is advisable that before buying a bottle of honey it is must to check the purity of honey.

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